Monday, April 4, 2011

The American Dream

There is this wrestling between heart and mind, nature and will, ideals and cultural realities.  Everything I dream to be my society does not easily allow.  Thus I long for other societies, other cultures and ways of living.  My fears are built upon my societal upbringing.  Man must build for himself his own kingdom, not relying on any other, autonomous and self-sustained.  I’ve seen this philosophy build and destroy, leaving people empty and constantly craving more. 
“What have I worked for all of my life?” 
“What have I really sacrificed in order to gain the life I was told I needed to have?”   

The dream they took on was not their own, but one contrived and conformed, sold to each person in a safe and neatly decorated box.  The American dream has killed imaginations and replaced them with entertainment that does our imagining for us.  We are no longer active participants in our own dreams, thoughts, lives, but have taken the role of bystanders allowing others the luxury of actually living.  We have chosen to watch them live from the safety of our own homes.  We watch color TV in black and white worlds.