Monday, January 24, 2011

So here are a few more of my creative ventures:

1)  For Christmas we wrapped all of our gifts using newspaper (because it was free material) so I decided to try and get a little creative!  This one was for my nieces who are 12 & 13 and are in to playing guitar and writing their own songs, so I emphasized the picture of Taylor Swift :)  I made the bow out of the mulit-colored portion of the newspaper.

2)  Also for Christmas, we made everyone candles out of thrift store tins, which I mentioned in a previous post.  This was my favorite tin candle that I made, which was gift to my sister Heather.  I just think this tin is so beautiful!

3)  I was on my favorite blog and saw where THIS, and decided to try my hand at it.  It's not exactly what I envisioned making, but it was my first attempt.  I used scratch paper (old flyers from work that were going to be thrown out) and stitched the word "THANKS" on the front of the card.  I put two together so that the print from the flyer would not show.  I kept the two papers together by punching holes around the edges and threading yarn through, tying a bow at the top.

I know I am not the most talented artist or creator, but these crafts are truly therapeutic for me and even when they're not exactly what you'd hoped they be, you just feel good for having made something!

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