Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It’s Sew Time!

One morning I received an e-mail from my sister, who sends me regular updates and prayer requests for Haiti and those who are living, serving, and suffering there. Haiti is of particular importance to my sister and all of our family. Not only is Haiti where she adopted one of my beautiful nephews from, but she has also spent time ministering to the people for whom she has a special calling and heart for.

The e-mail expressed that an organization that she gives to and supports needs people to sew some simple items and ship them to Haiti. They are in need of items like cloth diapers, simple dresses for little girls to wear, aprons, etc. I had been wanting to learn how to sew for some time and realized that there was no better way to learn than to have women get together for this beautiful cause.

I invited both women who knew how to sew and also those who did not in hopes that each person could either teach or learn in order to be able to give abundantly to those in need! We had about 13 women crammed in my tiny living/dining room space along with 2 tables, 3 sewing machines, and 30 pillowcases to work with!

The night was more successful than I could have imagined! At the end of the night we had completed 4 pillowcase dresses and had all of the others in progressed stages of the process. Keep in mind this is with only 2 people actually knowing how to sew!

The next Tuesday we continued with about 5 women and ended the night completing 13 dresses for a total of 17 altogether! We will finish the full 30 and I cannot wait to see pictures of those beautiful little girls wearing our dresses!

To view the organization's blog and learn more about the needs and how you can help go to:

To read an article written by my dear friend Rachel Brewer and view more pictures visit her website at: