Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Flight from Hell

After a wonderful vacation visiting Noah's family in Florida for Christmas it was time to go home. We had to wake up at 4:30am to make it through all of the check-ins in time for our flight at 7:00am. I had gotten hardly any sleep and woke up feeling incredibly nauseous (I get that way when I don't get sleep). As we are driving to the airport we had to pull over twice because I got sick. At the airport the lines were like I had never seen, and luckily Noah was there to hold our spot because I was running back and forth to the bathroom up until the time when were ready to check our bags and get our boarding passes. There were more lines to follow, but the actual plane ride was the craziest part of the day.

The entire plane ride I am holding a bag to my face trying not to get sick while chaos is all around me. First, the woman in front of us realized that she had left her phone at the check point. She told the flight attendants and begged them to let her run and get it before the flight took off, however she was informed that they were not allowed to let anyone get off of the plane unless they remain off. They told her that they would call the check point and have them look for it and do all they can to get the phone to the plane before take off. As the plane began to leave for the runway the woman anxiously asked the flight attendants, "what about my phone??". They told her that no one had found it but that they would have them continue looking for it to possibly send it to her as the plane had to leave (we were already about 45 minutes late from taking off as it was). She became frantic. She cried and yelled blaming the flight attendants for anything and everything. She literally reacted as if she had left a small child behind, and Noah and I were scared that she would end up being escorted off of the plane. She finally calmed down after awhile realizing there was nothing left to be done.

For the rest of the flight a young child, probably 4 or 5, screamed in the highest pitched tone the entire flight while her parents did nothing. We sat there listening to her scream to the top of her lungs in fury...me still trying not to get sick. After the flight at the baggage claim we saw the child swinging punches at her mother and realized this was just their way of living...I immediately thought of the show Nanny 911 (I despise that show, but kind of wished she were there for that moment).

Needless to say I was never more thankful to be home in my bed in my entire life.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Murphy's Law

You know when you have those days where everything, large or small, goes wrong? Well…that was my whole week last week and it is now spilling over into this one. It seems as though Murphy’s Law has taken over my life and is not ready to relinquish a moment of it quite yet. I have found it true that at this time anything that can go wrong will.

I have been pulled over twice in the past three days because of an overdue inspection, and even after showing the second officer (who was a very bitter female I might add) the ticket and telling her that I was taking my car in for inspection on Friday she still decided to ticket me, and all with an attitude and rolling eyes…I just love being treated like the scum of the earth.
After having my internship lined up for next semester I found out at the very last minute that I wasn’t even enrolled in school and that I would have to re-apply, I was behind in my Christian service hours, so I would have to get approval from their office to do an internship, and then I could begin getting the million signatures needed to complete my internship papers. Not to mention that it is the holidays and some of the people I need to sign these papers are going to be out of town. So, I am praying that they will let me still do the internship next semester even though my paperwork will be insanely late, but I must say, with all of my recent ill-fated encounters, I’m not holding my breath (the way things are going even holding my breath would probably result in immediately suffocation).

I would love to believe that all of this junk that I am experiencing is ultimately leading me to a huge blessing that God has waiting for me, but to be honest I think Christians over use that mindset, thinking that whenever we go through bad times it’s just because Satan is attacking because God is about to do something wonderful. And, maybe that is the truth…I’ve seen it happen a lot, but I also know that you cannot put God in a box. He doesn’t work in a formula, and when he doesn’t “come through” with some amazing blessing after a time of hardship we become disappointed in Him and feel as if He has failed us. When really, we have wrong beliefs and rather than getting to know who God really is, we expect Him to meet our expectations of Him.

Anyways, all this to say…life kind of sucks right now…tis the season, I guess.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men

Amidst the commercialism, consumerism, and ever other -ism that surrounds the Christmas season there is a truth that pierces the heart of greed, glutony and the prideful spirit of "bigger & better". An active truth that brought the light of God into the darkness of our world. A truth that brought Emmanuel: God with us. God living with us, interacting with us, hurting with us, loving with us, and even suffering and dying with us. His birth was the ultimate act of humility, His death the ultimate act of love, and His resurrection was the ultimate act of triumph...this is our God. He is our hope for a world where there truly is peace on earth like we hear in the songs on the radio throughout the month of December. Imagine a world where there is no fighting or need of any kind; where everyone lived in perfect community with one another. Imagine a world where everything was the way that God intended it to be, and then ask yourself, "what can I do to bring us a little bit closer to that world each day?"

"Do small things with great love." -Mother Teresa