Monday, November 17, 2008

Just a few Updates

Life has been kind of interesting lately, not really in a "you could make a movie out of it" sort of way, but interesting to me none the less.

Noah and I went salsa dancing the other night with a few other couples that he works with. I went into the whole thing with an "I really don't want to do this" attitude, mainly because my monthly female friend had just come to visit that day and I wasn't feeling that great, but I went and did it anyway because I knew that it was something that Noah really wanted to do. I was so happy that we ended up going because we both had the best time! I had never done anything like that before and it made me feel alive. I almost felt like I was living in a different city, one where there are fun things to do on Friday nights :) It was just a really refreshing night for me because we are so used to doing the same things day to day, which isn't necessarily a bad thing (Noah and I have fun together no matter what we do) but it's just nice to have an exciting change every now and then.

Also, Thursday night Noah and I went out to dinner to one of our favorite places with our friends Scott and Sarah. Sarah was my roommate and one of my bridesmaids, and has been one of my closest friends for a long time now. Well, anyways, after dinner Scott proposed to Sarah and it was awesome! She was not at all expecting it and we all cried...well Sarah and I did :) It was really special because Scott had Sarah's ring designed using the diamonds from his mother's wedding ring, who recently passed from cancer, and also some of Sarah's grandmother's diamonds from a ring that she inherited. The whole thing was really beautiful! I am so happy for them both and cannot wait to see them fall even more in love through this process!

I feel like God is in the process of teaching me something but I can't really pinpoint what it is. That's a very strange feeling, but I know He will show me clearly when He is ready to. I'm working through a lot in my mind, but then again, I'm always doing that.

Noah & I are now in the process of planning our NYC trip after the New Years. We went last year at that time and it was so much fun! Let me know if you have any suggestions for our trip!

Well, those are some basic updates about what's going on in my life...I told you they weren't that interesting :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I am the Candle Holder

Well, I did it. I decided to vote. Not out of obligation or guilt, but because I wanted to stand up for my ideals. Although I know my vote will not make a difference in the election it will make a difference in me. I chose my beliefs, my ideals, my standards.

There was a silent protestor who stood outside the Whitehouse holding a lit candle to protest the war. A guy stopped him and asked, "Why are you doing this? You are not going to change anything." The protester said, "I don't do this to change them. I do it so I am not changed."

Although I may not change this nation, I can choose to not allow this nation to change me...and that is precisely what I did. Pray for our next president, whoever they may be, and pray for our nation. God is in control...allow your hope to rest in Him.